by Guillermo Constantino, Frontend Software Developer, Norigin Media

I am a Software Engineer at Norigin Media, and I develop streaming TV applications for Broadcasters around the world on an ever-growing list of devices from mobiles to Smart TVs.

On Smart TVs or connected TVs, there are many different ways to control the device. An undeniable challenge that I have faced is managing the focus navigation while using a remote control. Focus navigation is essentially how a user interacts with the elements on the screen — moving the focus from one element to another and making selections.

The complexity of implementing…

Content has always been king — but what about the technology that delivers it? Can even the best of content be ‘spoiled’ by low quality video delivery or negative user experiences?

Bad UX impacts the provider more than the consumer

Global players such as Netflix continue to dominate, while Broadcasters launch their own D2C services and niche OTT players such as CrunchyRoll or Hayu are popping up around every corner.

Viewers are in the driving seat, as they decide whether to subscribe or ditch your streaming service at the click of a button. It’s no longer enough to rely on good content, we need to create experiences.

by Dmitriy Bryokhin, Yuliia Brokhina & Espen Erikstad, Norigin Media

Connected TV is on the rise; according to Norwegian public broadcaster (NRK), the usage has grown from 11% to 62% within the last 5 years. In order to have the widest possible reach or have the best quality apps on the large screen, OTT streaming services must make certain technology choices. This blog details information to help you choose your strategy for Connected TV App Development — customised native apps or cross-platform single code solutions?

But let’s take it back a few steps — what is Connected TV? It is…

by Alexander Ramberg, Sales Associate, Espen Erikstad, COO & Thomas Dennis, Full Stack Developer at Norigin Media

Streaming content from your Samsung or LG Smart TV, or any other model for that matter, looks much the same to you as an end-user. There are of course differences in quality (SD, HD, 4K, 8K), screen size (should you go for the 55", 65" or 75"), and so on — but this is your decision to make when you are purchasing your TV model.

While TV manufacturers make it easy for consumers to select a Smart TV (with helpful guides regarding screen…

By Daniele Di Lucido, Frontend Engineer at Norigin Media

You are building a TV streaming service on multiple devices like mobiles or Smart TV, and you want to run a Cypress test that requires a player and DRM content? Welcome, you have come to the right place! 💪

I won’t waste your time by explaining why Cypress is an amazing framework, and why you should have automated E2E tests. If you are here, it is because you already know all of this.

The issue

We decided to adopt Cypress to build an automated test suite to avoid regressions, increase the developer’s confidence…

Blog by Ajey Anand, CEO of Norigin Media

A message for the sustainability of TV streaming businesses.

Great companies have been measured mainly on their commercial success or conceptual value, and perhaps they are credited for local societal impact. It is high time that companies are considered great only when they contribute to all three pillars of sustainability while focusing on achieving the profits.

Over the last decade, streaming technologies have rapidly changed TV consumer habits. Netflix and Pornhub take the top spots as the most popular streaming services but are hardly ever equated to being some of the biggest…

by Espen Erikstad, COO and Head of R&D

We are a TV streaming technology company that works with broadcasters around the world. We have been building streaming related technologies and services for over a decade, and our solutions have been used by millions of consumers around the world.

Our R&D team is always updating and evolving the software stack that we use to create multiscreen TV apps. Much of our software uses code written by others, which has been made available through open source projects — where we are also keen to contribute. Our tech framework consists of several small and independent software components, some of which could…

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The death of the classic Pay TV offering has been a topic for the last few years and now more than ever it seems that the threat of its existence is becoming a reality. Indeed, this week, Michelle Clancy of Rapid TV News observed that Pay-TV has lost over 1 MN subs for the first time ever in Q3. Interestingly, however, TV as a device appears unaffected by the evident disruption in the Pay-TV ecosystem. TVs seem to be back in their prime as they are becoming smarter and more intuitive giving the user endless possibilities and choices.

One of…

Blue collar in the past and now

As a young, hopeful and passionate software engineer, I feel extremely lucky to be in a job that excites me and takes the work out of work. Recently when browsing my Linkedin feed, I stumbled across an article which was entitled The Next Big Blue-Collar Job Is Coding. I was shocked to see my beloved and nerdy obsession turned profession even being associated with the label blue collar. For me, as a 23 year old blindly voyaging into my professional adulthood, I began to doubt my perception of what programming as a profession is.

The article in question, in fact…

Elkling enjoying HackSocial

Today is our Hacksocial, which is an event that Norigin Media hosts once a year. We are a Software development company and this is a chance for employees to come together and socially hack their ideas into existence. It also serves as a nice team building day with a casual atmosphere, pizza, beer and great proposals turning into reality.

How Does It Work?

The first phase is gathering ideas. Anyone can offer as many suggestions as they can think of. It is preferable if these ideas can be beneficial for the company in some way, but if you are really…

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